Well that year went by fast.  My Esty Page has not done as well as I would hope, but I have decided to maintain it and give it a little more effort and attention.  I will be posting a few new photo products each week and hopefully you will notice the quality of the photographs has improved. 

Over the last year I have worked on my photography, archery, and hunting.  I was able to harvest my first big game with a bow this fall, an Antelope Doe at 40 Yards.  It took several attempts but I was finally successful.  

I learned an important lesson, I need to work on my field craft, physical shape and spend more time in the outdoors.  What better excuse to do this than taking my camera for a walk.

This January I once again traveled to Yellowstone National Park and was able to get decent photographs of Bison, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Coyotes, Moose, and a Fox or two.  I will post these photos over the next couple of weeks.  But here is one of the new Bison photos that I was able to get: 

Bison Staring Contest

Hopefully you will appreciate the improved quality of the photos, and help support me thru this journey by purchasing one of my photographic prints to help fund more adventures and photographs. 

Thank you!