Collection of Braden's Favorite photos taken

A quick snapshot of my Friend's dog Theo at Christmas time.

I recently took up Spring Turkey hunting, which is a blast by the way. I found that the long hours sitting in a Turkey Blind could make for good opportunities to take photos. This hen wasn't legal to shoot with my Bow, but no one objected to me taking a photograph.

I haven't used this photo of Pelican's on the Missouri River near Helena MT in any POD products yet. But it was one of the first photos I captured using my Canon T7 and Sigma 150-500mm Telephoto Lens. As soon as I saw it I knew I was addicted to taking photos.

While working in Walla Walla WA I stopped by the local Aviary to capture this close up portrait of a Quail. I know it was cheating, but have you ever tried to get a Quail to hold still?

While traveling to see family in the Flathead Valley I stopped in Glacier National Park to capture photos of Mountain Goats. Despite the low light of evening and having the incorrect white balance set, this photograph turned out pretty well.

Occasionally Montana provide a beautiful fiery sunset. I was traveling west into the sunset this day and it was so breathtaking I had to pull over to capture this fiery sky.

On a cold February morning north of Livingston MT I was in the right place to catch the sunlight rising onto the North Bridger Mountain Range as the Full Moon set.

During a trip to Gardiner MT I was fortunate enough to have this Bison practically pose next to a fence post for me.

Recently I had the opportunity to take my new (to me) Canon 5D Mark IV to Gardiner MT. It ended up being a perfect sunny day, and I was fortunate enough to find a herd of Bighorn Sheep that I could get close enough to get some great captures with my telephoto lens.

Another early photo with my Canon T7 of a Beaver near Helena MT. I love how you can see the tail and even his hind leg under water.

One of my favorite early photos. Captured this unique photo of a Black Bear in Yellowstone National Park near West Yellowstone, MT.