Sharing My Montana Outdoor Adventures with the World thru Photography

As an avid hunter, fisherman, rafter, camper, and begrudging hiker I have always enjoyed sharing my adventures with my companions. Growing up, my father was my frequent companion, guide and influence in this endeavors.

In addition to exposing me to all the aforementioned hobbies, he exposed me to his love of Wildlife Photography. Whether it was day trips to Yellowstone National Park to take pictures of Bison or Big Horn Sheep, or trips to Glacier National Park for pictures of Mountain Goats and Grizzly Bears, his excitement when capturing those moments was addictive. The ability to capture those breathtaking moments, exciting circumstances, and the rare glimpses of unadulterated Wildlife sowed the seed for my own interest in Wildlife and Nature Photography.

This interest left me with a large number of photos, with not much to do but share them either thru slideshows, or the modern equivalent, social media. A few of these photos I would like to share with the world and you.